summer school

’cause i’m a nerd, I’m taking summer school!!!! And it has begun! yay! I’m only taking one course this term, rather take my summer slow and steady. An oxymoron? yes. Although the pace of the workload is great, I prefer it over the four month u-haul that the academic year brings. The material is fresh in your mind and the professor/instructor gets down to business faster. Plus I find I stay on top of my readings faster hehe.

I picked up a new notepad ( I LOVE new stationary!!! although I can’t find my pens hmr) because all my notepads/books are somewhere in boxes and the book I used to take notes in really doesn’t have much paper space left. So, new notepad in all its glory!!!! I decided to go with the kind that rip off from the top, with no keyholes. I figure I’m not going to be using a binder or a dual-tang thing time around so what’s the point? It takes up useful space. At the end of the term, I’ll just staple all my notes together. Thats the plan. I try basically every possible way there is to store and/or take notes. From laptop typing to writing on grid paper, I like to try them. I find that the best way to choosing what method to take notes depends on the course and the instructor. If the instructor is going to go at a reasonable pace, then type. If talking speed is fast and diagrams/flow charts are involved, better off writing it out.

I got the textbook, which I was originally going to borrow from the library, but I hear its good and the instructor commented on the use of the textbook in relation to the course is tres relevant. I find buying textbooks to be ok, I mean, they’re books. But when I’m not going to be reading them, then what’s the point of spending $70 bucks on a textbook that I could spend elsewhere? If the books gets a good use out of it, I have no problem buying it, knowing that I can highlight and write in there as much as I please. I like that. I don’t mean to slaughter the book, but it shows my train of though and helps me read and study. Time to get started on the reading, getting behind in summer school means DOOM!!!


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