old school Alice in Wonderland

saw that and thought it was pretty cool…i had an uneventful day…i woke up 10 basically…sat on my computer and did stuff. I’m looking to getting a netbook because of what happened last time, I’m kinda scared to bring my laptop out and i figure hey, netbooks are relatively cheap and theyre small, I don’t mind using notepad to write everything and saving everything on a usb key. So, I’m looking into it. Other than that, I had an ok lunch, best part was hummus and chrips. yummmy hummus. i love hummus. then it rained…oh rain. i like rain. its nice. it leaves everything so clean and nice.

the old school disney one is such a classic!

and then theres the new alice in wonderland. I saw it and they say its closer to the book, but it was ok. i found the theme to be more on good vs evil, rather than what disney purposes which is that an idealistic world is very hard to achieve than anything.

Which one do you like?


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