new hobby?

Yesterday, I was so in awe of the warm weather and seeing all my neighbours being out and about, I decided to tackle my backyard. My backyard of weeds! Even though my brother and I tackled it for around 2-3 hours, we still only got around 60% of it de-weeded; and only the majorly big ones, the small ones we are going to take on later. Now, it’s all about bringing my dead-weed yard back to life as it becomes lush and green again. No easy task for course, but it could be that new project that I can hopefully start and complete.

I have come to admit to myself that I’m awesome at making goals but not so good at keeping them or following through with them. Bad, I know, but still. One should try, no? Last night I embarked on my journey to get cool landscaping ideas for my backyard. I wanna do something rustic and lush. Of course that means that maintaining it will be a pain, however, I feel that as a space in ones home, the backyard just becomes ignored and not fully used as a space that can be your own space. I want to make my backyard like an oasis, a space in my home where I could go to relax, perhaps have friends over to chill around with. Trying for a zen garden feel, I dunno, too much sand and stone, and I would rather maximaze the grass space that we do have.

My goal for today then? Get my grass up and going, and perhaps pick up some flowers and foliage. I also have a thing for hedges, I want hedges in my backyard for some reason. ._. But maintaining them is soo diffcult and I’m not the most proactive person there is. I can make it, but following up with details, mer not so much. ._. It’s a good hobby to pursue, the weather is on my side, I can get back in shape and get my creativity up and going again. Afterall, a challenge like this doesn’t come often right?


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