ahh update

I guess it’s been too long. Considering it is the spring/summer season (I never know what to really call the in-between season since the weather goes through highs/lows) I figured I would have more time to write and blog. Clearly I fail at that. ._. BAD! This is a quick update to make up for what was missed, bad but I shall be better!

  1. Gardening has begun and I think completed. My front yard has flowers and shrub-ary planted now. It looks prettyfull.
  2. I now have a novel that I am looking forward to start so my may goals will get completed horay!
  3. it is so warm out! 28 c’ oh lord! The heat is awesome!!!!!!
  4. I can’t wait to get into my spring/summer dresses! Really! I am soo looking forward to it!
  5. I think I’ve read most basic magazines so I’ll post on that later
  6. summer school means midterms come sooners!!!!!! like tomorrows!!!!!!!!!! ._. GAH!!!!!!!
  7. My toes are yellow, but I don’t know if I really like them being yellow, I was thinking about green. Hmr, perhaps I might change them laters
  8. I can make kick ass limenade now! HORAYZ!
  9. reading the bumper stickers on facebook is highly amusing and entertaining LOL
  10. sending pick-up lines to friends is soooooooooo much fun!!!!!! LOL
  11. I need good summer music! something the speaks to the summer weather!!! suggestions?
  12. i. am. really. warm. ._. and hungry. ._.

Thats pretty much it. OH and I wanna go shopping for some summery dresses, I need some looking at the weather in all its awesomeness 🙂


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