I’m still fly

This song is so empowering if you listen to it closely. Versers on believing in yourself and not letting sticks and stones break your bones. Criticism will come and go, but it is up to us to take it in the positive or negative light. One should focus on one-self and work towards their goals. I found this bumper sticker on facebook (so original eh?) saying:

‘know your limitations, then ignore them!’

I feel this song is just that! Know what you can’t do, learn how to overcome that so its not a limitation anymore. After all a limitation is like a hill, a hill you just got to hike up. Once conquered, its not a limitation anymore, right; rather a step stone to reach for the sky…

…I’m still fly, i’m sky high, and i dare anybody to cut my wings….

One should have that kind of self confidence in taking on anything. The sky can’t be the limit if one is scared of looking up or even of some wind. lol


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