Adventure in Guelph

So my mom and I had to run an errand in Guelph, so while we were in town, I spotted these lovely thangs ❤

This is soooooooo cuteeeee and I did get it! But now I can’t find it 😦 But just look at this lamb, SOO adorable ❤

This was a really good building I saw, I really like the architectural features here. The details are really nice
This reminds me of when modernism was coming with, with the top bar being made the way it was. It's cool, but I'm a fan of more detail thou. Still interesting though.
This house is SO cool! All those stair-cases and the Victorian style is really something.
I didn't get around to getting a nicer picture of the Church, but you can see the Gothic details that it has, and it's really nice. The downtown part of town was really old-school in this way.

And that was my trip. Half-way through I decided to take pictures, which is why there aren’t more. Overall, Guelph has some really nice architectural elements. I look forward to visiting it again 🙂


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