What’s your rashee?

This morning I woke up to this song in my head.

Interesting no? Last night I went to this wedding, where it never seemed to start, very disorganized but oh well. What can you do, the food was really good though! YUM!

As for whats your rashee? (whats your astrological sign?) I don’t know why lol Rashee’s so funny, I mean, can one really meet their life partner and infer that they’re life would be much better suited if they were with someone from a particular rashee? Has anyone ever done any research on this? Although it is very romantic and all, it would be really interesting to see whether this actually makes an impact on anyone. I guess thats what this move also explores (Whats your rashee). I myself am a cancer, so who knows if this really makes a difference, I guess time to add this to the book list of many books to start. ahaha The mother saw it, and liked but I have yet to see. I’m sure someone out there has written a book on this! I’m sure of it!!! Something as to explain for the usual traditional role of the priest finding and concluding that your partner is proper or not, to internet sites matching you up as well. There has to be a reason why they ask for your sign, no?

I guess after my done writing my exam tomorrow (opps, still have to study so much @_@) I’ll sit down and watch it online I guess. So many things to do after my exams. busy busy busy. Kinda reminds me of this video LOL Too FUNNY! if anyone can tell me what movie shes’ singing from when she goes ‘see lai’ that would be awesome-ness.


4 thoughts on “What’s your rashee?

  1. Hm, I haven’t exactly researched this – but I remember being told by my grandmother that there’s like 6 criteria to which a couple can be matched and if they score 5 out of 6 or something similar, then they can get married. Anything less is not advisable. I remember this because there’s a Tamil phrase that translates to “7th match” meaning that two people have 7 out of 6 match – which is actually being sarcastic because when you say “7th match” it means that these two people just don’t get along.

    Indian tradition is cute in its own way 🙂


      1. Hm, I don’t know if it has any credibility to be honest – because there are couples whom I know who have very good “horoscope match” but they end up divorced. There are also people who have love marriages – despite their parents telling them that their “horoscope doesn’t match” – but they remain happily married.


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