It’s the middle of the week, and all I can say is: yay! finally, made it to the end of the month! Work has been so busy, that I am left to wonder what to do with when I get back. All I can think of is random errands that I want to run to at shoppers. I really am a shoppers addict. I just like going there and chillin lol This week will be bringing many things such as: Canada day, camping and my birthday.

Canada day is like any other day. I don’t do anything in particular, I ‘ll probably end up at work, sleeping. lol If anything, I’ll start on my readings for my september field trip course. Might as well start on them and go through them close and steady, rather then rush through them at the end and risk not finishing them.

Camping is an annual family trip made every year for far (been doing it for almost 3-4 yrs) to a provincial park during the Canada day weekend. This year it’s at Turkey point Provincial park. Hopefully it’s nice and the beach is amazing, that is what I really look forward to, esp lounging and sleeping on the beach. and no, I’m not a roaster, I don’t see the point of tanning, considering I was born with a tan LOL 8)

The day of my birth will take place during the camping weekend. I don’t know what to make of it. I’m neither excited or scared for it. It sad that I’m more concerned/excited about picking up stuff from shoppers instead. Maybe I’m turning into a shoppers-shopaholic? Oh well, good to have a hobby I guess. 🙂

This reminds me, gotta find those sweat pants to live in during the camping weekend…



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