Courses 2010-2011

So my final year is all set. Courses in. Admission in. Nervous? not yet. Excited? BRING IT ON!!!

I was looking at my timetable plan and saw that I was almost done my degree requirements which means: FUN COURSE TIME!!!!! I’m really exciting about taking them, as I finish up my final courses for my degree requirements. I figure it’s about time I took the really fun, carefree, adventurous and wild courses and see what there all about. This is the time in our lives we can do that right. Our youth has awarded us the freedom to do as we please, without the responsibilities. 🙂

My final year is gonna be a busy one, and I like it like that. A challenge is always fun to face head on, even if my twitter updates says so otherwise LOL Apart from taking a full course load, I will be trying my hands on a 4th year course, which should be really exciting as its more independent that the lesser year courses. I’ll be taking an advent-garde film class in the fall, and many fun classes in the spring. I really can’t wait! Along with these classes, theres the social activities too, such as the group I will be heading. So far, I am still waiting on the confirmation of the group status. I guess this is where Internet leaves you hanging, you have no idea whats going on, and if the person even got your mail. At least, manually-in person, they can tell you right away. Oh well, one of many things I guess.


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