feeling like home

As we drove back last night from our trip to Niagara-on-the-lake, I could not help but feel like I was back in the motherland, you know. With the warm air going in our faces, the hot temperature just right, the lights bright and blaring, the company in the car, the music on super loud; it all felt one thing: home. ❤

I was born in India, so this heat wave that we’re experiencing is nothing new; so I guess my version of feeling home is quite different. Sure I wasn’t raised there per say, but I do have memories that make it special. Sometimes I wonder about going back and maybe working  there, but then I remember that it’s not the best place in the world to live/work, esp when compared to Canada. I guess this is what those diaspora studies are made of, ahha

This song was the one that brought the thoughts back in my head lol funny, ’cause the song is actually a religious folk-y kind one about Shiva, god of death/transformation and one of the 3 main gods in Hinduism. (more info, google lol)

<< it wont let me embed the video, so heres the link >>



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