curry or a subze?

Last night was my turn to make dinner, I think my parents have doubts about my independence and my ability to feed the dude in my life and children in the future lol They worry too much. I guess I’m a little lazy in the cooking department like that, you can’t blame them from worrying or having doubts. They are Indian parents after all, hoping that I have all the virtues to make a ‘proper Indian wife’ LOL Like he’s gonna be eating Indian every night huh… ANYWAYS!

So I set up my search to find something with mango’s, ’cause I felt like incorporating that into the meal. It is summer after all, so why not take advantage of it. Finding nothing to amuse my creativity and making lentils far too easy, I decided to make up my own dish. Oh the dish! Because potatoes are everyones best friend, I decided to make that my base with random veges added. Next time, I’m adding more carrots fo shos! I was hoping for a curry base, but because I know nothing of curry 101, or how to make a proper curry base, I was left to make subze, basically vegies in a dry-ish format. Not really sauteed or dry, but its not in a curry base. Hard to explain ._. Turns out, for a curry, you need onions and ginger and garlic to make a proper base, according to the mom. I only used the onions but thats ’cause I needed a base and from my knowledge of Indian cooking, onions and tomatoes are ALWAYS the base; and I had forgotten about the ginger and garlic ( I was almost about to put in the garlic, but then decided I didn’t want that intense favour in there).

Next came the spices, oh man, this is where I just added whatever I felt like going by my instinct and putting in spices by hand measurements and choosing by their fragrance. I’m sure I put in spices that juxtaposed each other, but in the end it rounded off to a really good favour base. I puree’d the mango, only problem was that I added that in as I was getting the potatoes to soften up, so they kinda lost their favour, so ye mom told me after to add fruit favour AFTER the dish is made, basically don’t let that favour be on the fire or get heated in any way, ’cause it will lose itself in the dish. However some fruits like apples are an exception, but even then, very lightly. But the mangos came out in the sweetness, so yay 🙂 But I think the sweet peppers I put in also had something to do with it ahaha 😉 next time, I’m making it a bit more spicy and with some coconut milk. 😉 Can’t wait to try that next week. Deal is that I cook once a week, pick your day and I’ll make it. Don’t want them to get use it to it you know 😉 lol

So all in all, guess my future family will have something to eat other than lentils and pasta 🙂


7 thoughts on “curry or a subze?

  1. Necessity is the mother of all inventions 😉 Once you’re out of your parents’ roof – the cooking will come naturally. Haha. I remember when I was 21 and had just moved out of my parents’ place – I was a struggling student in a foreign country and had no clue on cooking. Slowly I started learning how to cook via phone calls to my Mother back home. 5 years have passed and I can feed myself (and friends) properly now. Mango in sabzi sounds yummy though!


    1. hi fieran,

      haha thats very true, but i’d rather they not push me into cooking u know, rather take my time with it lol

      :0 where did u go to study? lol that must have been quite the time u had with the phone calls, i did the same thing when i was makin navratan korma the last time, i had to keep calling to make sure i didn’t kill the dish :$

      that sounds awesome! i guess ur a pro now huh 😉

      indeed! this time im gonna put it in the end so i dont kill the favour, hopefully it’ll be really nice 🙂


  2. Hehe, I’m Malaysian and I studied in Brisbane, Australia. Now I live in Norway.

    I had some good calling cards 🙂 So I used to call for about 10 minutes to verify the ingredients + method. (Got the recipe via e-mail)

    I’m not really a pro or anything, but the food doesn’t taste too bad. Hehehe, it’s edible.


    1. as long it gets the job done right? LOL

      emails are awesome and im sure ur a fan of skype 🙂

      im born in india but basically grew up in canada, and didnt go away to school, so i still come home to mom-cooked meals, dunno if thats good for me thou aahah


      1. Aww Mom cooked meals. I used to ask my Mom “Can we eat McDonald’s for dinner tonight?” or “How about the black pepper fried rice from the food court in that mall?”

        Nowdays, I’d kill to have food on the table when I get home from work. Hehehe, we always pine for that which we cannot have.


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