Happy Thursday!

Its thursday already! I can’t believe how the week went by so fast! The lawn is going crazy with the weeds *sign* I can’t wait till the temperatures cool a little then I can kill them straight with this weed killer I have.

In other news, my nails are not painted *HAW le SIGN* I usually like to paint them, as a reflection of my mood and awesome-ness. When not painted, I find myself to be a little emo kid haha But thats ’cause I need to file my nails down before I paint them, you know πŸ™‚ Plans are pale blue for the toeies and red for the hands. I’m feeling it, I really am πŸ™‚

OMG So yesterday, cause I had THE boring-est day at work, I soo needed to head to shoppers to shop. Yes. Shopping is always fun, of only Sephora was near my house, oh the fun we would have, but it isn’t. 😦 so Shoppers is my friend LOL I needed 2 more little shadow thingys anyways, but ended up picking up a shimmery champagne colour and some coral gloss. I really wanted to try coral, you know. It’s such a summer colour with the reds and the oranges and hint of yellow all = SUMMER πŸ˜€ ahaha I’ll let you know how that went once I try it and test it πŸ˜‰

And um yeah! Todays plan is to watch the Harry Potter movies, Im on half-blood prince right now, but feel like waiting for the bro to get home so we can watch them together. So tempted to find out what happens next…I did read the books, I have them all, but still, the cinematic rendition is always different in terms of visuals an story telling. Looking at the different and how the actors bring the character to life is much different and all-together a bittersweet enjoyment. As much as I love the books, the movies don’t do it that bad, after all they cannot include every last detail right?


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