what to call myself

What do I call myself? This question popped in my head as I was filling out some post-graduate applications (yes, 4th year is upon me and time to figure out what I wanna do with my life; nerve wracking? yes!) and there was a question on what my race/ethnicity was. I was puzzled. I didn’t understand. Why was my race so important now? Did it indicate my level of intelligence? My work ethnics? Did it reflect on my creditability as a student, or as a person?

I understand the concept behind it, to ensure that schools are accepting students from a diverse background; but knowing the race of the student does that make the admin or the admissions coordinator think the gpa score is better? Why not just look at the marks and the essay? Why not have the names of the students listed on that application, rather a number to make it equal? If your looking at just the application number and all you see is what the marks are listed as, then will you be admitting only the students who deserve it or the ones you think should deserve it?

In an attempt to be play the equitable card, and ask for my race, gender, and ethnicity to be named, it almost makes me wonder whether I should be offended or not? Should I not be offended when there is a separate category for what my race is, than what my major is on the application? Is it more important than my extra-curricular activities, to know where I am a citizen? Such acts invoke the feelings of segregation and ‘special’ treatment, which is what equal right groups are fighting against, as I believe.  I may be wrong on that front, but thats what I feel.

I understand that schools are trying to get a ‘diverse community’ in the school, but does that mean that you will reject my application in favour for another student because you have already meet the quota for my ethnic group, and need students from another?

Just some food for thought.


6 thoughts on “what to call myself

  1. I think they should abolish this “Race” field in form – it’s a bit of an ugly truth.

    Ah, so you’re almost done with university? Working life is going to be fun, really. There’s this nice sense of freedom when you have a little bit of the yuppie lifestyle – dinner with friends, Friday night pub meals, Saturday movie nights. Those days I don’t miss university.

    I miss uni when I get my bills and have to pay them 😉


    1. yeah, they really should. indirectly i feel radicalized. does that make sense?

      yeah im on my final year, so gotta start applying soon to graduate studies, not ready for the ‘real world’ yet lol i agree, all that shopping u can do! ahaha

      AHAA i agree! those visa bills need to pay themselves hehe


      1. Ah you’re going to do Postgrad? That’s cool.

        I have this rule when it comes to credit cards – if I can’t afford it, I shouldn’t buy it 🙂 So I don’t have a credit card. It helps me sleep better 🙂


    2. yeah, i dont have enough work experience to back me up into a really good job, so might as well upgrade instead

      ahahaha oh man, i have mine managed so it shows up with my bank cards, makes it tracking everything so much easier 🙂 but indeed, that is a really good rule!


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