registration and life

It’s done. I’m registered. This past week has been all about what I want to take on as a career, esp since its my final year and if I want to go onto graduate studies than I need to apply this year in order to get in the fall 2011 semester. So far, I’m in-between doing a masters in planning OR a graduate professional course. This is when I looked at what I wanted in life. What kind of life I wanted, what kind of buying power did I want, and what I want to be able to afford. Although I would be happy in a middle-class lifestyle with a modest budget. I don’t need the high-end products to live a happy life on a budget. I’m all for it, but I don’t want to spend like 5 years saving for a house or worrying about my car, if I decide to spurge a little. I would like the flexibility to have that buying power. Not saying that I should be able to shop in Holt Renfrew like its Wal-Mart, but have the choice that I could a little if I wanted to. Traveling is a big one for me, and if I’m worrying about my budget than the world is going to get left behind and my aspirations will be pushed off. I guess this is the best way to see what you want in life. It’s like how someone advised me about a career choice: no point in looking for happiness in your work, you work to get money, and with money you buy stuff that makes you happy inside. I guess there is some truth in this. But my idealized world would like to think otherwise of course. I guess the youth come with some naivety, can’t blame us for thinking the world is all rainbows. But for now, like always, I go with back-up plans. I leave it all on God and what I can do. This is how I figured out teaching was not meant to be. I didn’t get into the program = career option out. I guess this is a bad way to figure out what I want, considering I not a very competitive or ambitious person. The only thing that really motivates me, is if I get really interested in something, thats when I put in all my effort and my focus… seeing as I find it, of course. I’ve found it in some classes, I excel a lot in them and makes me super awesome happy. It must be nice to know what your skills are and what you want to do with your life.


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