wisdom tooth and aunty moments

My tooth is aching again. It could be another wisdom tooth in making, but I though I got over them back in high school. I didn’t take them out when they grew in you see, I figure if they fit, why not? lol probably not a good idea, but I like them there 🙂 The last time I saw my dentist was for cavities and thank you I don’t want to really go back! ahah So far, oralgel seems to have coolen the pain down, so now I don’t feel like jaw throbbing as the tooth moves about. I should get it checked, but so lazy.

Besides that, my day was spent by socializing with le family and it seemed that my purple tights comes with attention, lol I guess no one really wears bright purple semi-to-opaque purple tights 😛 It took me 2 years to work into them, but I did, and I like them 🙂

In other news, I taught my nephew the art of blocking ‘friends’ from accessing too much information LOL you see, I like to limit my ‘family friends list’ to seeing only limited information, as I do have family from India added on. I don’t really want them seeing who and how I tend to socialize. I’m not saying the pictures are scandalous per say, but I’d rather not go there and explain why I’m surrounded by my guy friends, even though they say there’re cool with it. Deep down, I know they aren’t so I guess it’s just a matter of comfort. With family members who have a tendency to be conservative, although saying they are ‘modern’, you can’t be too careful. If that means I look like I led a boring life in Canada, I guess thats better than it open to the topic of how ‘there kid doesn’t do this pr that.’

Which reminds me of a family friend commenting on my conservative-ish style of dressing and calling me an ‘aunty.’ Now, I’m not saying I dress like a nun, however, I do like to dress modesty. People who like to wear short shorts, more power to them, but thats not me. And I guess this family member thought it was because my parents objected to me wearing such cloths. In part, it’s kinda true, but I wouldn’t wear it either if they had given me the choice. She felt that I was repressed because I didn’t walk about in tank tops and short shorts like her girls, with lots of make up. Now pardon me, for having some shame to cover up when I’m walking about town and feel like that short shorts aren’t my town-staple, or putting on enough make up that it looks like I’m going out to party at 3 pm. Considering the town I live in, I can run into anyone, from a family member, to friends to business acquaintances, and I’d rather look presentable than look like I’m only wearing my undergarments, but in denim. I guess she felt that I was an ‘aunty’ (read: conservative, covered up, having grown up style of wearing clothes, not youthful at all) but all I have to say is this: I would rather have someone talk to my face, than my legs. At least I know the attention is on what I’m saying or a nicer feature on my face.


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