I’m at work, and totally slacking. All these files are next to me and I cannot will myself to work on them and finish the tasks at hand. Maybe its because its a monday and I still have the week ahead, but its a monday. I’m allowed to slack and be bored out. of. my. mind. !!!!

The weekend was semi-decent. Fixed the lawn, trying to save the daises that seem to be dying and have become addicted to mascara. o_o Shoppers drug mart and I share an unhealthy relationship but whateversssss

I like how when I can’t think of a cool title, I name the post after the day. hehe.

This summer has been great for music, I basically live off the 99.9 virgin FM playlist, but I do without some of the songs….cali girls is LAME so annoying… BUT YES break your heart is #1 this week WHOHOO I ❤ that song.

To document the lame-ness of today:


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