indian weddings

This past weekend, I was at a wedding, an Indian wedding. So much fun! oh man! This wedding was in particular a sikh wedding, just to clarify. We do not go around a fire in our weddings (that would be a Hindu wedding), rather in the presence of the Holy Book.  It started off with the sagaan, which is where the brides side accept the proposal and bless the groom-to-be. Usually with sweets and token gifts that represent marriage. This was so much fun, esp since they did it at their home, which made it all the nicer and better. This was followed by the sangeet, which is when we celebrate the acceptance and the upcoming wedding. This is when girls get henna/mendhi done on their hands, like so:

The mendhi is like getting faced, since it is like 2-3 days old now. This is just a simple one, the members closest to the family get more intricate work done and the brides is the most detailed and finest. The henna goes on brown-green-ish, dries to a brown, and when washed off, looks around brownish, or redish. The darker the colour the better is is seen. This is all natural stain, no chemicals are ever used.

The sangeet was done at the home and so much fun! The food was being made right there and there was a party going on downstairs in the basement. There were folk songs being sang and everyone danced. It was awesome ❤ 😀

This was followed by the wedding ceremony on saturday morning, which was nice and then the reception that night. Some of the things I found that were different was when the couple made their rounds. The bride was walking alone behind him, usually her brothers (her real and cousin brothers) would be there to ‘move her along and give her away’ sort of deal. This time, I didn’t see that, not that she’s brother-less. On the contrary she had 3 brothers and I’m sure countless cousin brothers to stand by her, but apparently the temple looks down on this cultural practice, stating that the couple, in this case the bride, look to God for guidance as she makes this transition from a single woman to a married woman. I though that was kinda strange, since all the indian weddings I’ve been to this is not the case, but I see the temple’s point too.

Indian weddings are so much fun, everyone gets together, there’s music and merriment. My experience with weddings has been limited to just Canadian ones, but this one could easily rival that to one in India, where apparently weddings are just awesome-ness and super duper fun. P.S. the girl was not present at the sagan, because she’s not suppose to enter the grooms house until after the wedding, theres a sangeet for her as well, but its at her house. I was from the grooms side. 🙂


6 thoughts on “indian weddings

  1. Ah, Indian weddings. I’m Hindu so I’ve seen many of those ‘walk around the fire’ (saat phere) versions. Would love to see a traditional Sikh one – you get married na 😉 Then I’ll attend. Promise!


    1. ooo, i saw one, but they didn’t go around the fire, they just sat there as the pandit told the guy to make sure he shared everything with his wife. it was funny cuz when he asked him the first time around the groom is like ‘myself? mummy?’ LOL
      ahaahaa u too! that way i can make a trip to europe 😉


  2. lol he was putting himself first, which the priest was like no, put her first u idiot lol 😉

    ahahah i know what u mean, im too the point where its like its ok, im fine with being just single 😉 is the boy commitment phobic as well?


    1. Actually the boy isn’t.. he’s got his feet firmly planted on the ground. I just worry that one day I’ll wake up and want a different life – what do we do then? I’m also terrified of getting married and becoming a boring couple. Gosh the more I say it, the lamer it sounds!


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