summer, what its worth

This summer has been quite an intriguing ride. From camping, a trip to the beach with friends, chilling at home, working with le father (yay for unemployment, time to find volunteer stuff), painting my nails a variety of colours, bonding with the TD canada bank lady with what teams should go on FIFA, and finding some really good music. I guess one can say, this summer has been a blast. But time to come back to the world of routine as the air turns crisp and chilly, the daises die, and I find myself drooling over sweaters its that time of the year again. To go back to school.

I’m excited, even after my current nervous-attack with my course selection, but nothing I can’t look at calmly and find a solution! I do this every year, this has to be the other part of the education that I’m paying for, deal with the stress of course enrollment and that system that is ROSI *DUN DUN DUN DUN DUDNNNNNNNNNNNNN* lol As strange as it may be, I’ve even started day dreaming of sitting in robarts and studying in the stacks, or running up St. George Street as the wind hurls in my face, and staying up all night with green tea by my side as I try to find my thesis lol good timessss I guess this is what makes an awesome university experience. Another item on the plate will be the club that I will be managing. This should be fun, its a good thing that I have an amazing VP ’cause he is awesomeeeeeeeeee! no really, he is! He’ll do what he says and you can always count on him, so hopefully we can balance it out and make year fun with extra curriculars. Man, I miss extra curriculars. They really do add that extra punch in the educational experience. lol nerd moment. Which reminds me, I should maybe look into different glasses ’cause the ones I have right now slide off my nose = annoying habit that has developed where I keep sliding it up with my hand…even when I have contacts on. so bad. lol so goals again, ’cause goals are kinda cute, like stationary lol

1. Have a super notebook for…notes-ness, like a timetable notes-ness.

2. FOCUS!!! zoom zoom

3. Will not have cake! hencefore: CAKE BAN, unless its your birthday….than maybe a slice :$

4. Attempt an activity!!! bam bam it has been brought to my attention aka le brother, that I need to get active again so ATTEMPT SHALL HAPPEN! (why am i writing so elementary??? lol)

These goals seem manageable….enough! Thats another goal, to improve these goals. lol This is totally the outcome of the public school system here, make goals and no one ever followed up so time to be PRO-ACTIVE-NESS! BAM BAM!!! for the past 17 years lol


5 thoughts on “summer, what its worth

    1. thanks! hahaha it was the cake, esp cheescake that made me gain weight back last fall 😦 it was after my workouts with dance so in awesome shape but then sweet delicious cheesecake changed that forever lol so its specially cheesecakes that i wanna avoid 🙂

      awwww, hows autumn in norway? i really wanna get some boots too, i saw these really nice brown ones and man, i really wanna get then >< lol im a little bit of a shopaholic?


      1. Autumn is nice but quite rainy. If you wear high boots you’ll survive the weather. Hehe, I’m so tempted to get like a pair of brown high boots, a really cool ink blue jacket (maybe a trench?) and some nice jeans. Ahh, temptation 🙂


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