into the school jive

Ours isn't pink, its wood-colour?

With 9 more days left till I start school, all I can think about is my lack of a study table. Currently I am sitting at our outdoor bistro table, with has enough room for my laptop and juice, so I wonder where will those books go that I am about to start. Ikea has been unsuccessful in finding a bedroom set for myself. Finding the perfect study desk is also a mission and a half. It needs to have ample space for books and le laptop, but also storage for stationary and the strength to hold onto my textbooks for the current semester. Don’t even ask about my imaginary bookshelf. It doesn’t exist. I could study in the basement, where the internet network is amazing and all. But than what is the point of my room? Just a space to sleep in? No thanks.

As for my lsat course right now, the second diagnostic went something like this: all I could think of was the greek vegie warp at booster juice and how hungry I was for it. Note to self next time: eat before the class! lol Secondly, the logic games literally blew my mind, so hard! But I guess a little practice would make that better. I did better on the reading comp, but I think thats because thats all my instructor seems to teach (who by the way, has nice shoulders 😉 lol) I really though I would score around 2 points up from my first one, but surprising, it went up by 5-6 points. That calls for more juice! That night however, I did have a dream about an assumption question. Needless to say, it was a nightmare because I still have yet to gain a grasp of those questions to the fullest. My peers (we have this little group now even lol) suggest we make a study group, which is cool, and maybe even do the full run thru tests once a week to keep ourselves on our toes. Thats great and all, but I think once school starts, I might be tempted to put this on the back burner as I focus more on school stimulus. Which reminds me, I need to start reading more to increase my vocabulary. It’s still somewhat elementary. ._. I think I like this word elementary. lol

As for readings, I still need to do all of the ones required for my New York course. I guess online readings are awesome and all, but my eyes do prefer print. ._. .-. ._. Its easier, and I can mark the arguments in the sidelines as I go through the passages. Plan so far, do one reading a day to make up for lost times. I’ll probably start on the one that seems the most pleasing, unless I have to make a trip down to t.o to study. I have a feeling that Kelly library, although on the other side of campus and a mission to get to; will be the best. Barely any chance of running into anyone and complete silence. But the bad part is: its creepy to the max o_o oh well, we’ll see, Robarts might be home yet again ❤

Kelly Library, in all its creepy-ness


Robarts, suppose to be peacock, but I like to call it the Turkey

5 thoughts on “into the school jive

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