First day of September

Its the first day of september, the sun is, the air is clean and the birds are well, nowhere that I can see them ._. lol Getting up at 9.30 seems like such a feat, considering that this whole summer my wake-up time was 11am. I guess september is off to a good start 🙂 It also helped that I slept in the other room where the sunlight is more prominent in the morning than mine, which is usually pitch black. Sure sleeping was hard ’cause so much light but oh well 🙂 I’m awake and recharged and I feel like drinking green tea. hmm mayhaps I make some…NOW! (runs off to make tea and grab a croissant) ok, I’m all set now. 🙂 This morning I though of doing some yoga, but I don’t know how so time to take some classes to learn. Totally will go for that ‘get fit’ goal of mine. I noticed that I make a lot of goals. I’m sure there’s a book out there explaining my tendency to make goals and how they make me feel like I’m on my way to do something. oh wells. Only 5 more days till I’m off to New York for the field study course, excited as I am, I mean what should I wear there lol I’m also behind on my readings. Why is that when it comes to readings, the topics are so interesting, but reading them at leisure time is so much easier than when they are assigned to you? That has happened a lot, hopefully, I’ll become a more diligent reader from now on. yeah! get my nerd-game on! I need more jam. I really wanna get some mixed berry kind, it would so awesome on top of cake too, like with a layer oooo STOP no more cake! Must stick to goals. lol I still have no desk, so I guess the dining table will have to do. Soon, all my books and stationary will become placed all over here. I wonder if the tea is ready? I’m making the kind with loose tea leaves. Hopefully it tastes quite already, I’m more of a lemon grass green tea person, but could not find any. Time to get some awesome tea other than earl grey and normal green tea. Infusions is where its at! 🙂 (took a sip) surprisingly, without sugar, this tea is tasting awesomee. I’m hoping this will be the key to getting at least 2 readings done today. Or maybe just 1….gotta keep it realistic. lol



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