New York Prep

On Monday, I’m off to a field study course to New York! I’m excited and I still deciding what to wear for 4 nights and 5 days. Am I excited? YES! LOL I picked up my daily contacts today, ’cause hey, we’re going to be walking about everywhere and looking at thangs, and the last thing I need is my glasses sliding off my nose or impairing my vision. Well, from the sides or something. Plus, picture-wise, sans glasses is the way to go! 🙂 I got my cross body bag today, ’cause I figure if I carry one, I’ll have easy access to my stuff, my hand will be over my stuff at all times and under my control. Backpacks, someone behind me can open it in the subway, there goes my papers ;_; can’t risk it. Plus, this way, I’ll be forced to limit only the stuff I need. I have a weakness of collecting all forms of information and free stuff ._.” not a good idea really! Right, I can’t decide between putting my stuff in a duffel bag or a carry-on-rolly-type bag. :s I’m staying in a hostel so I dunno yet :/ I guess the rolly-kind would be good for storing gifts and such thangs?


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