Where is my mind

This is Where is my mind by Maxence Cyrin. Heard this song on Steromood when I looked up reading mood. I like it 🙂

Its so simple and amazing all at once. It makes me wonder where my mind is. Is it on the leaves and trees rustling outside as the wind goes against it. The sway of the tree branches. As they sway, is my soul being swayed with the key notes of the music. Each note feels like the change in the wind. The melody goes along as the wind moves and the light flickers. Like my clarity on what I want in my life. Do I want to commit. Do I want that break when I’m done playing the in-between role in my life. Being in the selfish phase in ones life is never easy. You have nothing to give because you are so overdrawn that you only want to take, and be given. I’m so spirited that I can protect the other leaves or sway with the wind of society…just yet. I’m still a bud. Waiting in the ground. Unsure of whether to grow and reach for the sky. I’m in between all the other saplings and trees that are protecting me. All I want right now is to reach for that sun. The pure light. To sway to my own tune. To move as the clouds do. As the leaves do. The freedom they feel even though they are connected to that branch thats trying so hard to hold still against the wind. This rustle. Do I know it? Should I know it? Am I to know of it? I don’t know yet. The keys are just my beating heart as it tries to be one with the world.


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