New York -16 hours

Web-Check in? done.

Packing? not done.

Readings? a few pages to go

Contacts? YES! daily contacts here I come! 😀

Hit list of spots that must be visited? YES! must write in notebook so I don’t forget

16 more hours to go before I’m on the plane, off to a new city to learn and discover. This reminds me every much of the my trip to Costa Rica back in the final year of high school. A week in another country, exploring the new landscape and learning about a new culture. Needless to say, Costa Rica was a blast! The warm weather *lost in awesome adventures* lol This time, I’m off just south of the border, but then again, this is no ordinary city. 🙂 I’m totally going to grab my zebra shining shoes. Hmmm I have a feeling I’m going to over-pack just to make sure I have all the possibilities covered. lol So far, the weather looks awesome and warm, so looking forward to it!!!


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