Week one over

First week back is over but not in a bad-OMG-I-can’t-wait-till-schools-over-because-i-miss-school-so-much! Nah, more like this year is looking goodddd 🙂 I like my classes so far, I have a somewhat boring geography class but the upside of that is that my friends are in that class so mini-reunion and that its fairly easy compared to the other intense but amazingly interesting geography class that has super amounts of reading. But the upside of that class is that I’m probably going to learn a lot and I am the kind to run after knowledge than a social circle in my classes. After a meeting with the registrar, I’ve found that I don’t need any more geography classes unless I feel like it ’cause I have all that I need. Which makes me wanna take some really fun art history classes. That comes down to which geography to kick off. The one with many assignments or one paper and its done? A steady stream of readings or almost 50pgs a week? One where I basically have another grade 9 geography or where I can expand on a topic that might cross over to my other 3 classes? The art history class that I’m in is ‘Myth in ancient art’ which is totally awesome! But taking 6 courses and prepping for lsat isn’t exactly a piece of pie ._. It’s kinda scary. But I don’t feel scared. Nor stressed about it. I feel refreshed and I feel like taking it on! I’m reminded of the movie 3 idiots where the main character says: ‘pursue excellence, and success shall follow you.’ I did start the year by watching that movie and the good vibes have set in, so I guess I’m gonna go with that mantra and keep saying to myself ‘all iz well’ 🙂 lol


when life goes out of control, draw back your lips, whistle and exclaim ‘aal izz well

what does a hen know of the future of an egg?, will it get a life, or will it be fried on a pan?, now one knows what our futire will be

draw back your lips, whistle and excalim: brother, aal izz welll!! o brother all izz well!! (dear) uncles, aal izz well!

confusion prevails, none knows of a solution. when a solution is discovered is by when we’ve lost track of the question

console your heart when it is resteless at every juncture, the hearts an idiot, knock sense into it with kindness

i drank away the scholarship, but the despair didnt lessen. the incense sticks burnt to ash, but we have yet to see/find God!

what does a goat know of its future? will it be skewered or will it be minced? no one knows what our future will be.

so draw back your lips, and whistle…


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