Klimt and the ‘thus fars’

I seem to be doing a lot of posts like this, ‘story thus far…, school thus far… life thus far..’ hmm time for a new clique? This mornings question is most logically: why am I not at school yet? I mean its 11.05am here, and all last week, I was on campus by this time. So what happened? The water not heating up happened! For some unknown reason, our water heater just doesn’t like to keep working smoothly. It’ll go fine for a couple of weeks and the BAM! cold water 😐 In canada, as much as this country is amazing and awesome, cold water can only get you so far here! Where am i now? In my living room, getting toasty next to the fireplace and starting on my assignment, ’cause, might as well use that time to do something, right?

This week has been quite a roller coaster and I’ve come find that I may be one of those people that live life in the extreme. As much as I like the simple-ness and moderation, either I am really really happy, or hyper, or I’m an emo :\ My family can totally attest to this: with them, I’m this high temperate rude child, and then with my friends I’m this carefree, smiling happy child. I have yet to figure out why this happens but maybe it’s ’cause I haven’t had cake in a while? LOL oh well.

OH! I was looking through Gustav Klimt’s work and its just awesome.

Gustav Klimt 'The Kiss'

This picture is amazingly (is that a word?) beautiful. I wonder when the AGO might have an exhibit on him, I’m really moving towards this style. I find as I get older, my taste in art is changing and so is my interpretation of it. At first glance, this may look like something a child may have drawn with the edge-ness that it has. But upon closer inspection, the lines, forms, colours and shapes all form to make this wonderful painting. The softness of the faces compared to the bold use of colour to join them together is just ecstatic!

Gustav Klimt 'Mother and Child'

This painting ‘Mother and Child’ I could find has the same tenderness that the pervious painting does. Is it was done in a new-classical style, I feel it might have lost its softness. lol I don’t know how else to put it. I guess because it’s so un-prefect that it makes this moment prefect. This style is representative of art nouveau which I feel redefines the perfection that was in place during the classical period and is a fusion of impressionist style with the bold use of colour but the flattening of depth with the outlines.


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