Last day of Sept

OMG its so close OMG so far OMG it can’t be! ITS SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNN

This month actually passed by really fast. I’m actually at the library right now (new hiding spot to hide from people who talk and people that I know ._. it makes ‘studying’ much easier) and because I like to catch up on everything before starting to study I had to follow my usual ritual. Every time my internet opens its always: Facebook, twitter, school email, imail and maybe blog. THEN begins anything else I need to do. I like to know if changes have been made anywhere before I partake in heavy work. I can’t believe that september is almost over, for some reason I thought that month was never-ending and that my deadlines would never catch up to me. Dreamer? yes I am, and proud of it! lol

With my days spent at school now basically, I really should become more productive, would that mean drinking lattees like an obsessed caffeine addict? The result of that would probably equal bizarre tweets really. But then again, bizarre tweets are better than no tweets, right? At least something is going into the never-ending universe of Twitter rather then get lost in my mind. Um yeah! Plan is to get into more of a routine. Maybe I’ll drive down everyday to make life easy? Who knows. But drawing inspirations for stuff is hard. That and nothing seems appealing.

OMG so now I’m addicted to a new K-drama! Last year I finished Goong which as ama-ZING! and then Coffee Prince and now I’m watching ‘Take care of the Young Lady.’ What’s common is all these 3 dramas is the main lead actress, who I find is awesome ❤ I like the stories she does and I just like how it works. It’s not too cliques or stereotypical so its fun to watch. Plus I found the series in an awesome print on Youtube so life is complete. I prefer K-dramas at the moment of South asian one and north american ones cause I find they tend to be overly drawn out and I can totally guess the story line. Where’s the fun in that?


5 thoughts on “Last day of Sept

    1. i know! its like where did it all go? ;_;
      so far so good, oct-nov tend to be busy ’cause thats when all the papers and assignments are due. then dec = exams. so its hectic as i try to balance it all.
      is it just me, or does the last year always feel like overwhelming?


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