that is what it looks like on a weekday, where i study, but right now, emptiness 🙂

You’d think after spending 2-3 years in this ol’ great library of ours that I would stop coming here and study at home or someplace trendy like Starbucks, where all the ‘cool’ kids go, or UTM where its ‘hip yaar’. No thanks, too many people talking is distracting and seeing more fobs that might know me, no thanks. After thinking that I can study with other people I’ve come to find that productivity is truly achieved when I’m by myself and can talk to no one but the internet.

being surrounded by books makes me feel smart 😎

So here I am; at robarts, with my new backpack in tow, ’cause carrying a tote bag for a month really totally unaligned my back and I kinda like my back -_- and ginger cookies and a re-usable bag to store extra books. The bag really can contain my laptop and other small necessities but I like it like that. Big bags hurt le back ;_; Quite ambitiously , I brought along my course readers too in case I would finish my other work. Of course I did not, ’cause it would take me longer considering the assignment is important. But, something along in case my eyes started hurting and I needed to look at real paper with actual ink writing on it. :O The novelty!

Hopefully I can come back tomorrow, it seems that weekends ensure that not a lot of people are here and in general it stays relativity quite. Now if only the food here was good…


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