I commuted all of September and I found two other friends to join me in this adventure. Although its fun and all to commute with your friends, blast music and have conversations the whole way there. I have a feeling that it was that, that made me really tired. Usually taking on extra work has never really bogged me down. But I guess I need that 2 hours of simple silent music to relax before I’m back in the arms of crazy people and loud music. It’s too late to get a parking pass for this month, but next month, I’m totally going to get one!!! Parking right by campus is going to be divine. Bring all my stuff that I would not have dared had I had to carry it on my shoulders that just hurt now. Three more weeks to go, before I head myself into the world of crazy library times again, and hopefully by then, I might have a desk. All this commuting has also I think made me focus so much on the academic side that I forgot to focus on balancing that out with something social. Balance is important, I mean putting too much energy into one thing is really a bad idea. One forgets to relax and let go the stress of it all. Hopefully, if I free up my commuting times, it might bring that quiet time back to me. Lets see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. You’re so right. Balance is the key to everything. I used to be a workaholic in university – I studied so many hours because I was just so into being an engineer. Guess what? After graduating, the thought of being an engineer was out of my mind. I switched to Technical Writing instead because I just didn’t want to struggle so hard anymore. I wanted to do something that came naturally for me – writing – instead of pushing so hard to build devices and design circuits.

    But I digress, my point is that after university, I don’t feel like leading an imbalanced life anymore. I want to be social, I want to play with makeup, I want to read, cook, daydream, but also work effectively and productively rather than obsessively, you know?

    Good luck with finding your balance 🙂


    1. thats right 🙂 at least ur found what makes u happy to do, i think i might have found it but im not sure its totally it you know?

      aw thats good! i like playing the other 50 sides of me that might not have been possible if i stand around worrying about all the competition that is out there @_@

      thanks, hopefully i’ll find it soon, i find that i always lean towards one part and cant give the other stuff equal time 😦


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