Aisha (2010)

I saw the movie a few days ago, and I gotta say, finally bollywood is moving away from the typical typecast of designing movies not in the typical ‘item songs’ and an entourage of dancers in the background. That was one phase in the Bollywood movie making history. Finally the move has come to show a new style of showing a story, where the characters are put forth first.

Aisha is an interesting story. In the start, its starts of strong, but after a while, i felt that it just starting dragging on and on. I was left waiting for it to end, and Aisha to realize that she really loves Arjun and not Dhruv. At times, the main character felt flat, but overall, Sonam Kapoor kept the movie going for sure.

Maybe that due to the story they choose to play, Emma, a Jane Austen novel. But the actors did an amazing job in their presentation. Sonam Kapoor played an adorable, inferring Aisha (Emma) and Abhay Deol playing Arjun.

The trailer:

My fav songs so far:


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