Marie Claire and other such niceties

As I strolled about my twitter today, I noticed a Trending topic: Marie Claire. I’ve read Marie Claire before and it’s alright in terms of content and layout and found that it usually focuses on life issues with fashion on the side. So I clicked to see what was going on and saw that we had an internet scandal on our hands: Should “fatties” get a room? (even on Tv)? Looks controversial and for sure it is. The author Maura Kelly wrote about obese people on tv and intimacy, and what were the general publics reactions. Interesting topic, as a lot can be learned about this and how media has something to do with.

As you read the article though, one can’t help be feel offended by her comments and what she thinks about it. Although honest, her choice of words could have been more diplomatic I guess, and more gentle. Her writing, meant to be seen as witty and slice of life, turned out to be a mean rant instead. People don’t need to feel marginalized on the Internet, of all places. Although she has apologized, I would rather prefer to see the editor(s) owe up to this. It’s one thing if a person writes this, but this is a managed online blog, which means her editor(s) have to approve anything that goes up, so who was it? Not fair for just the writer to go down, I say the whole ship must go down too! The editor is responsible for the overall image of the magazine and if that article truly reflected that, then the editor is to take the same amount of blame for it. Apparently the goal of the magazine is:

The theme for Marie Claire is “More than a Pretty Face”. The magazine gives readers information about women around the world and their needs, struggles, and stories of life.

More than a pretty face? Is Marie Claire going to be defining that now? Stories of struggle? I think the article just added to the struggle some more instead of alleviating it. The immaturity of the article should have been cleaned up by the editor or much less rejected. Thats why one has an editor in on a magazine, to edit work and make sure its up to caliber. For a magazine that is all about women’s beauty, style and fashion, I find that to limiting all those things too just ‘skinny people’ is juts degrading. Such discrimination and prejudice is disgusting. This is just my 2 cents that were formed whist talking to my peers about it.


One thought on “Marie Claire and other such niceties

  1. I don’t understand why they write articles like these. I understand that sometimes you can’t help but have these thoughts – then filter yourself maybe? Why write something that can be so easily misunderstood? The mind boggles.

    Did you read the other article by Time magazine’s blog?,9171,1999416,00.html

    That one caused a lot of reactions as well because it was difficult to tell if the author was joking or not (I assume he was)..


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