Life Instructions

Found this on Faceook as someone’s many profile pictures and it made me lol inside. It seems that the key to to life is simple.

  1. Have fun – i like fun
  2. Do not hurt people – hurting people is so mean
  3. Do not accept defeat – this one can be hard, but focus can change this so much! *_* (eyes are burning with passion)
  4. Strive to be happy – i like happy, like dancing oranges

These commandments are pretty simple, I mean, I like having fun, thats why I watch a lot of random tv shows and giggle with my friends. I don’t like to hurt people, but I guess this might happen by accident. Do not accept defeat, I would say this is might be the hardest ’cause sometimes, life throws a curve-ball that seems to be disheartening. But I guess this would also include having confidence and doing what you do best. Strive to be happy, ahaha this is so open to interpretation, and brings on a philosophy class. What is happy? It’s cake and yummy tea people, thats what it is. 😀

I’d say this is a good set of rules to follow, they’re not superbly hard nor are they very simplistic. Right in the middle.


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