Is looking through pictures and posts on Facebook considered creeping? This topic arose today (again) during a family dinner with friends in an attempt to find out about a recent wedding that happened. We heard many-a-controversies surrounding it and we unsure where it was going. So to find out, we facebook’ed it. We looked up the person, found the album, and saw it all. Of course more information was found because I’m a pro at finding thing on Facebook. Some would say, I have too much time, I would say I know how to use my social networking efficiently. If I’m going to use a product, I will use to it to its full capacity of course. Back to the story, after finding out this person’s life story, the topic arose, were we ‘creepers’ for looking into it all? Or were we merely browsing information that was posted on the site by the account users consent? Were we stalkers to be looking at this, or merely curious about people in our social network?

What would you guys say? Is it creeping or merely using the information in getting what you need?


3 thoughts on “Creeping?

  1. I think that it is the person’s responsibility to use the privacy on Facebook to the fullest extent. That is what I have done. But I would say that if someone gets Facebook, it is their responsibility to know what to put up and what not to put up. Because once you put them up, they are up. So I just say be careful of what you put up and know that others can see this.

    and HIIIIII 🙂


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