Doing everything but…

Ever find yourself slacking off on purpose? You’d think it wouldn’t be possible, but it really is. Today I find myself in such a situation. My day wasn’t wholly unproductive, I finally managed to watch all of The Fall of the Roman Empire. That took most of my day at least, and now I can finally tackle my classics assignment. I’m pretty sure this movie will be on the exam so it doesn’t hurt to watch it. Other than that, I ended up watching another movie while I was it, Predator, where we oogled at Adrien Brody’s abs, which reminded me of his weird hair. He really has quirky hair.

Now back to trying to get some work done, but I find myself googl’ing everything but my essay topics or readings all the readings I have to do for my midterm test. Not to mention the prep I should be doing….This must be the phase where you get so stressed out that you get immune to it and all the energy goes to straightening at Sophie Lorean’s eye linear or Mr. Brody’s abs. lol Fail moment indeed.

Saw this and it reminds me of a standard curve, so I wonder what standard deviation would I be? lol


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