A sunday

Nothing much is new, this sunday (aka today) we had our monthly prayer session, I guess you could call it. This is when my family (aunts/cousins/whoever) decided that we really didn’t get to see each other much, for example, some we would not see for a whole year. We all thought this was all that great, so a monthly meeting would be in order, where on a sunday, we would meet at someones house (this alternates every month) and pray in the morning, which would be followed by lunch where we could all talk or head off to do whatever we needed too. But this provided the excuse that we could see most of them every month. So far, there’s about 5-6 families that do this, and its fun. Us kids learn our main hymns and religion, and it supports/deeps our bonds as family members/cousins/aunts+nephews/so on. This morning was one such morning. It was interesting today, because along with our usually Sukhmani Sahib, (I’m sikh) the word itself lends to what the prayer is about: peace within or peace of mind. This time however the aarti was added because we also have family friends that are a part of the group and they are hindu. This was my first time and it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚ ย We didn’t do it with the candles or anything, we just sat there and sang the hymns. This was followed by kirtan and ardas. To conclude the aarti one, we sang a bhajan. None of us minded and rather such cross cultural/religious information is encouraged by my parents especially, to them we don’t lose anything rather we gain in insight and devotion.ย Overall, it was a good morning/afternoon, which was all followed by most of the members just chilling and talking about any social topic they could think of.


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