Finals ’10

I haven’t posted in a while, that can be explained by my finals! yayyy -_- no matter how hard i try to stay on top of them, i always miss something and then it comes to bite me and now im a zombie 😦

Had an exam one morning, followed by a presentation for a paper, and then major exam the next day and now the next one will be on tuesday. I will like a zombie. This is not including the strange high levels of stress and anxiety. Oh well, will make for good stories when I’m older and have nothing better to do than to live on Second Cup’s banana pecan muffins NOMNOMNOM ❤ I shall take a picture of it next time so we can be in the glory of amazing PECAN-NESS~ I ❤ pecans, they go with everything yummy!~ Cakes, muffins, toast, dinner, lunch, candy, CAKE, um um um ❤


I’m also back at the crossroads of life, unsure of my abilities and skills. Its funny how people have faith in you when you don’t. -_- Yes, I’m in that weird place where I’m awake, but also really really tired. -_-


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