This song is pretty rad! This song is Baagi (means rebel in punjabi) by Humble the poet produced by Sikh Knowledge with an appearance with AKakaAmazing. I really like this song, probably because it makes a difference between ‘Indian‘ and ‘Punjabi‘, which I tend to agree with. I would say that there is a difference, even though the state is a part of the country overall. However, i find it hard to relate to considering about 2/3 of the actual province is in the neighbouring country of Pakistan.

That and social, cultural, geographical, demographical and political exclusions and segregation do not help. I do call it the motherland but I dunno if I can identify with it too much. Now I’m not saying I’m all for the Khalistan movement, not at all. It’s like one of the sayings, I guess you could all it from a story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, where he visits a village where the people are rude, unbearable, and not that great in general. He blesses them by saying ‘vasa raho’ (may you continue to prosper here). Upon visiting another village where the people are welcoming, kind and generous, he blesses them by saying ‘may you all leave this place, may none of you stay here.’ Confused by the words, the people ask why. His response is that the people that have nothing but negativity should remain together. No need to spread that negativity to the world. Now the people that are good, by leaving their home, they will spread their positivity to the world everywhere. I guess I like to use that story in the case here, and i often hear it. It’s a good thing that we have left, but still continue to honour the motherland. I guess its not a strange notion for me, I have a motherland and a homeland. Of course, I feel at home sometimes in the motherland, can’t help it, was born there and there’s something in that part of the part that I strangely connect to.


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