New Setup

I get bored really easily, so here the new and shiny blog of dancing oranges! This will most likely change in the next 468638946 hours because I am impatient like that! WHOHOO

This weekend has been the most laid back weekend I had, but then again, I think I kinda earned it seeing as I was making sure I got my readings in during the week. Sure I didn’t sleep on time, but hey, does a student really need to? Didn’t think so. Anyways, my blogging have become somewhat random, and every time I feel like uploading something, I’m never near my laptop. By the time I am, I forget 😦

Pictures are cool LOL and so is central alignment.

It’s basically snowing here everyday, which gets a bit annoying but I guess this is what canada is all about right? Might has well chill out till the summer comes. I cannot WAIT till summer comes! (insert impatience here again). The other day when I was putting away my snow boots, i saw my summer-ly footwear with the colours, and the nice-ness and felt like it was time for it to be super hot in the country! But that could be this ramblings of a student at 1.16am 😀 WHOHO!


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