slacking seems to be my mantra

Ever get so organized that it almost feels tooo productive? I’m at the stage right now. All my notes are stacked together with the post-it notes ready with labels and info. They’re all stacked according to what comes first. And from there, there are notes telling me what’s missing and what other info I still need to get. This should make me feel super awesome right now, but I feel so efficient that I’ve lost the power to study :/ I don’t have the case for not enough efficiently, but too much efficiency. I didn’t know that this could happen but who knew? lol you learn something new everyday I guess. I’m all caught up on Gossip Girl, and the indian show that I watch so I feel like chillin like a villian πŸ˜‰ That reminds me, I also wanted to fix up my room some more but for that, it requires some inspiration. Like my scrapbook. I have to say, I’m slacking on that front a lot. I still need to fix my high school one, even though it can be said that its completed. Its the small touches that make the difference. Oh well. I’m aiming to do all this during the spring.


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