Are you Gaga over ‘born this way’?

So I saw the video for Lady Gaga’s song ‘Born this way’ last night on much music as I was doing work. Apparently it was the premier so first time seeing it. Overall, the song is nice and all, with awesome deep meanings of accepting yourself and all. But I find the video to be too extreme to the point where it goes in sketchy land. Like yeah, pushing the envelope is important both of the artist’s creativity and to attract the audience into looking at something thought provoking and interesting. The random ‘birthing like scene’ is gross rather then artist, the extreme facial features with a lot of dark themes feel more creepy. Sure, the make up of skeleton is cool with the whip my hair motion going on in the end with the bright pink hair, which is pretty awesome lol but I feel it could have been done better. Also, what’s with having Gaga dance pretty much in her underwear? Am I the only one that thinks that this is strange? Is this the only way to attract the audience now? The only way to push the boundaries of art and music? Like yeah, having zippers? over the typically censored/sexual parts of the body is cool, but what is it saying about being ‘born this way‘? I was born to be so objectified by society that I’m covering it so crudely? Like yeah, they become de-sexualized, to the point where its almost alien, but is that because I was ‘born this way‘? Its cool but it reminds me of Madonna lol I guess artists post the madonna era will always be compared to her, just like an amazing talent is usually compared to Michael Jackson. Overall though, this music video provokes, but does it get the point across? Have 3 million people just watched it because its so obscure and strange? Alejandro was shocking when you first watched it, but it made sense, the relationship that the female had with Alejandro was characterized like so. I guess just like that, ‘born this way’ shocks the world into accepting the ‘little monsters‘ of Lady Gaga? Maybe doing it as an inspirational video would be so unlike Gaga that it would have the meaning lost? I’m still undecided on the song, whether I really like it or not. I usually do like Gaga, with her spunk, so lets see if this grows on me lol



2 thoughts on “Are you Gaga over ‘born this way’?

  1. Sometimes I think Gaga is being different just for the sake of being different – like wearing a “meat” dress and coming out of an egg at the Grammys and now this – it’s kind of getting a bit too much. I understand that she wants to be different, but Michael Jackson was different – without walking around almost naked in his videos.


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