Midnight Hustle

As I stay awake another night past midnight,

I wonder, why am I spending so much energy on this?

It clearly don’t matter in the long run.

I don’t get what the deal is about the whole deal.

Sure, academics is the shzzle, for my griddle,

But will it make me so happy inside that it will bottle up my sunshine,

it don’t make me happy like vitamin D does,

landing on my head the way it is.

Another night, another hustle, the academic hustle,

gotta keep them marks up, dunno why i even bother,

sure, its delightful it see ’em go up, but will it really make me go up?

As i struggle with this paper, para after para,

word likes to stop making spell checka my checka.

Maybe too much dependance is going on,

maybe im not having my spirits soar as it could.

Moment after moment, the phone rings and buzzes,

Gotta keep the movement from halt’in at all the buses.

Buses be the stops, stops of the stations,

stations that keep stopping, stopping me from my destination.

The goal is right there, right there in front of me,

but driving all the way there, is making me kinda dizzy.

It aint like im fizzy of some drinks off the pop, rather,

im just hustlin my way outta here, like any other bother….


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