Peddle to the Metal

Image credit Jan Andrýsek

It’s the last stretch! The end is almost here. I can almost feel it. But, its not here. There is still a few weeks to go before I’m done and all my deadlines are piling up. Ever feel so overwhelmed with your to-do list that you get confused? Ever organize your to-do-list and burn out from looking at it? And, THEN, ever start the stuff on the to-do list and have no focus left because you used it all up on eating turtles chocolate and thinking of how to finish the assignment? This is basically me right now. I have everything ready, just need to push that last meddle to the peddle and bike right through. It’s too bad that I can’t ride a bike, otherwise, I think this might have been easier lol bad analogy? Mayhaps, but I think it gets the point across. As I strive to finish my remaining assignments and prepare for my final round of exams, I guess the warm weather is making me go into summer mode, which is NOT ideal at all, and making my internal school clock slowly stopping. =( Needless to say, I am very frustrated with this right now.

This reminds me of the CN Tower Stair Climb I did a like a year or 2 ago. It’s one of those things that I’ll only do once in my life; the experience and the life lesson learned is enough. I remember that as I got higher and higher, closer and closer to the top, the harder it became. There were so many times where I wanted to give up and say ‘screw this! This is crazy!’ but I kept at it, with the support my climb buddy and my guilty brain. The last climb makes you question so much! Although it’s tempting to give up, you look back to see how much time and effort you have already vested in the activity. By reasoning with myself, slowly, but surely, I made it to the top. But that last climb is the hardest for sure. By then, your burned out, tired, sweaty, and ready to call it a day; until you see the exit door that shows that your done. You did it. You climbed that tower! All 147 stairs are all accounted for in their puffy, tired, out of shape glory!

For now, i guess all I can do it, think of that exit door I’m doing to see at the end of these last few weeks. That door that will show that I’ve reached the top, my goal. I’m done climbing the stairs of this educational institute that has been my all nighter haven, reason for turning into a nerd, meeting so many amazing people, learning so many cool things and starting so many adventures, like this blog for example. But till I reach that exit door, gotta keep going. Gotta keep at this game ’cause I’m almost there!


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