Fan-doms much?

I was one of the kids that grew up during the massive Japanese Animation influx during my pre-tweens. so Yup, I’m a die hard Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon Fan (Tuxedo Mask FTW!)

The other day, I felt like going back to it and checking it out and came across this picture. lol Its Vegeta and Bulma, the shows two most unlikely couple. Just though it was cute, and how back in the day, my main concern was getting up at 7am so I wouldn’t miss the Sailor Moon episode, or back home in time by 7pm so I could find out what happened during the adventures of Goku in Dragon Ball Z. Now, it seems, my main concern is what next step to take in life. Find a job, but I don’t have half the stuff their looking for in terms of background or experience. If not that, then where and what should I do for continuing education. *lesigh Just doing your undergrad isn’t enough so what do I do for the next 3/4 months? If anything, I’m right on track for post-Uni life. LOL meltdown and panic attack in about 2 weeks. It’s trying to come now, so distracting myself by being all domestic and such lol Till then, I guess day dreaming of my fav old shows while it rains out will have to suffice.

Chao 🙂


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