Loving this song right now! ahah Gotta admit, Ash looks amazing in this song! I guess South Films give her more move to dance, otherwise in bollywood movies they usually are running from one corner to the next. lol


3 thoughts on “Robot

      1. It’s got it’s own fair share of drama too..hehehe..but Tamil cinema is just made for different audience – totally different demographic. The movies that do well are usually the ones based on life in the village, chicken fighting, a poor kanjeevaram weaver’s life story, the sacrifice of a parent, a gangster versus a self proclaimed vigilante, you know? Tamil cinema is full of those type of stories as these are the type that people living in Tamil Nadu can relate to. These stories are beautiful and they tug on your heart strings. A nice Tamil movie you should watch is Kannathil Muthammital (sic?) which is definitely available with English subtitles. It’s made by Mani Ratnam who’s an amazing director. Telugu movies are also quite similar in the sense that they have a lot of family-oriented subjects and it’s about conflicts between families, etc. The music in Telugu movies are awesome too, not that I understand Telugu (despite having a grandfather who was from Andhra Pradesh) but I’m drawn to those movies/music (can’t hide your genes).


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