Tan lines and a green room

Photo Credit ahermin

I’m back in front of a window! Watching the clouds zoom by! OMG its been way too long since I’ve had my table in front of a window for the light to come wash me and as I gaze outside. Sure the view ain’t that great, only my neighbours redish brick wall and their satellite, but if you draw your eyes up, you can see the sky! Glorious sky! And if I tilt my head a bit…okay a lot! I can trees! In case you didn’t know, we’ve moved. So as we settle into our new home, my room has become centred on my table be right in front of this window. Hopefully, this will draw me to start regularly blogging again, about that randomness of my life as usual. Another thing to add, my room is no longer a ‘forget me not’ blue, aka the tiffany blue. Its a little thing of mine, where I like to change my room colour so its different every time. Back when we were at the apartment, my room was lavender, back when I use to sit in front of the window ๐Ÿ™‚ Then it was the wonderful blue, and now its a green. A cheery green. I like it. It goes well with my purple lamp and pale pink flowers. ahah I have my priorities set don’t I? Which reminds me, my closet has been downgraded! I went from a somewhat spacious closet, to a small kiddie closet, but it’s all cool. Got them cupboard/armoire thing going on to house the rest of my stuff. Its not hard to think that a woman has so many clothes. Now imagine a woman who is of an ethnic background. Hello, that’s double the wardrobe, not my fault! I need casuals and formal wear for both cultures. At least that’s my excuse for now ๐Ÿ˜› Of course, my father and brother were like ‘do you even wear any of this’ to which I said, of course! A girl has got to have variety! Which reminds me, I still haven’t fully unpacked some of my stuff, but I have a feeling that it will all go alright in my new room. Unlike my tan lines -_- This has to be my first summer where I’ve worn so many shorts! I’m more of a capris kind of gal, so going the short route had more to do with the hot Indian summer like weather here in Toronto than my personal preference. My tan lines have gone the red-neck route where my arms are significantly darker than my stomach for example. At least this time, my legs have some colour, but more than I’m happy with. Getting tanned is only fun if your not born tanned ๐Ÿ˜› I guess thats it for now, hopefully I’ll be back to daily blogging soon! …. watch me not post anything until august -_-


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