Teen magazines and some Swift

Photo Credit thecrisscross

Today just out of curiosity, I picked up a Teen Vogue magazine. I’ve noticed that in the past 2-3 years I’ve really pushed into the frontier of magazines. Nope, not in high school, but in university when I started trying a lot of things and induing in ‘girly stuff’. Today was just another day as such. The reason I picked up a teen mag, was mainly the main article: Back to school. Its midsummer, and the prospects of going back to school seem to be on the horizon. So back to the school articles are a little fun. Gotta admit, the articles in a teen magazines are so much fun! And relatable. As much as I love some Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, their articles are much more mature. For people who are into their life, leading their careers and in serious relationships. I feel I’m still a child in the broad sense of life, approaching young adulthood. That and I’m breaking out so that reminds me of my high school days of acne 😦 must be the stress of what’s coming up in my life. To add to the craziness of today, I’m listening to Taylor Swift! ahah oh man.


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