Flying out of the nest

Photo Credit pablobarra

As I meet up with two of my high school girlfriends, I could not help but see a pattern of flying out of the nest happening. One of was off to another province to study and spend time with family there, while the other was going to Europe to study medicine and was getting engaged! It feels like time flew by so fast with all of us growing up and reaching another stage of our lives. Eight years ago, we were young teenagers who could do anything. My concern was mastering French class (which I still haven’t -_-) and wondering when my parents would let me go out with my friends for a movie. Now, its more about mastering the life plan and making sure I’m on the path. Making sure I’m doing something of myself. At the moment, I’m trying to think of how to make skpye work, ’cause before it worked fine on my computer, but now the image either doesn’t go through or the sound doesn’t. Soon, hopefully, we can have skype dates and keep the love rolling.

feeling lucky as a four-leaf clover….



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