Lost emails

Image credit kyo-tux

When I was checking my emails today I noticed that my hotmail was showing up, I use imail which has my various email accounts together so I only have to do one stop rather than 5 lol Anywhos! After not receiving my hotmail in a while, I went to check out the site manually to see what the problem was. Turns out my email was blocked because of too many incorrect email address inputs. So I guess a hacker was caught? All I know is, I had 233 emails to clear and good thing was most of it was junk. Until I saw my blog notifications 😦 That should explain my delay in responses sometimes. :$ Dashboard ain’t that great sometimes :$ but at least I’m all caught up now 🙂 I find it hilarious when RBC or BMO send me emails about how I can’t access my account due to some problem and how should click on a particular link to clear it up. Funny because I don’t have bank accounts with those banks lol And I double check the email address and I can usually spot that randomness of it. I feel smart in those moments 🙂


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