This Summer

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August is almost done and I guess now is the time to reflect upon the summer passed. What did I do these past 3 months that possibly made this summer a quiet yet eventful one. There was a birthday, a trip to Center Island (basically an amusement park for kids on one of the Toronto Islands), my BFF moved to Saskatoon, Skype finally works on my computer, we moved to a new place, my room is no longer facing to the trees, but to a brick wall and my room is green to make up for that. I think I made some life altering decisions, watched as my friends moved on at such speeds into their lives, making room for adulthood. I graduated. I started drawing again, but I could be doing more than that one night of inspiration. Baked stuff! such as cake from scratch! Found that I gained 10 pounds more from my high school self so I tell myself everyday that I’m going to work out. Tried water zumba, which is totally harder than it looks. Fell in love with Raj and Simran from DDLJ which I think has become my favourite movie but I dunno about that. I am reading again! First with Cleopratra’s Daughter, and I just finished Some Girls. Now I’m moving into the Old School literature with some Austen and Bronte, but finding the language hard to follow. But I’m pretty sure, I’m going to go on a hunt for the other novels by these writers so I can ease into their books. Old school book resale shop, here I come! lol I wonder what’s there to come this year 🙂


One thought on “This Summer

  1. That has been an eventful summer. I’m glad you are keeping busy. My summer has been crazy. I switched jobs in April/May and since then it’s been really busy. Went to Malaysia/Indonesia in March/April, London in June, India in August/September. Everything is happening like right now. I guess it is true when they say “Life is what is happening when you are busy planning.”

    I hope you have a wonderful Autumn/Winter my friend!


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