Chammak Challo

Are you my chammak challo? 😉

Its funny how this song sounds like an ‘item song’ yet isn’t. Oxymoron music hurray!

The only thing I find mildly find inappropriate is that the classical dancers are dressed so….short :/ I’m not trying to say ‘omg get thee to a nunnery!’ but some attires aren’t meant to be displayed so shortly lol Also, am I the only missing Farah Khan’s choreography here?? I get that Ganesh Hedge is cool and all, but I feel that dancing-wise this song could have done better than ‘smack that ass and then do a classical dance move’ :/ *lesigh


One thought on “Chammak Challo

  1. The song is kind of nice but I agree with you that the backup dancers could have been slightly more decent. Of course he’s not going to call Farah Khan.. *grumble* these filmy people are such bad examples for friendship :/


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