Image credit Eltasia

I think I am turning girly as I continue my journey here. I’ve started using face masks, and getting Hello Kitty hair clips. Now, I’m motivated to get a straighter. This is something I was less motivated to do back home. Is this strange? I would I’m a late bloomer, you know, get into the girly stuff late in life. Get into the same shows late in life. I guess I just really like childhood LOL At the moment, my troubles are my bag. It’s an amazing bag: it holds EVERYTHING! From my books to water bottle to my late morning snack. The catch? It’s actually a beach bag and not really made for storing my Contract textbook, if you get my drift. No joke, I just made my shopping list and it seems that after my super longggg day, thats what I’m doing to do. Go shop! And tomorrow is one of my longest days too! *lesigh I feel like this is slowly making me a grown up. I’m taking the initiative to do things that I would have otherwise left for someone else to do, or leave it all together. I’m slowly trying to find myself, between what I’m learning, what I want now and what I want to become. This is becoming my personal goal that I didn’t know even existed before. I am slowly making the effort that I need to make to do things that I feel are necessary; necessary to become what I want to become. This is my metamorphosis.


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